Are your Chocolate Chip Cookies tough and crumbly? Do you want soft and gooey cookies? Do they go flat when baked? Do you wonder why when you followed the recipe to a tee? I will tell you my two secrets to baking the best Chocolate Chip Cookies.

You know the recipe printed on the back of the Nestles Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels bag entitled … The Nestle Original Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies? Well, that is not the original cookie recipe. That recipe calls for 1 cup (two sticks) of butter. All that butter is the reason the cookies go flat. In the oven the butter melts like a snowman on a sunny day and the cookies lose their shape. In the 1960's the recipe on the Nestles bag listed these two ingredients: ½ cup butter and ½ cup shortening. Crisco shortening is a vital ingredient and somewhere along the way the food police removed it from the recipe. The shortening is what helps the cookie keep its shape. I would venture a guess that the original and authentic Toll House Cookie recipe from 1936, when the recipe was created likely contained lard.

I told you one secret – Crisco. Do you want to know my other secret? Most bakers over-bake their chocolate chip cookies. My Mom taught me her secret which is to remove the cookies from the oven when you think they are not quite finished baking. Instead of baking for another minute or two, remove them from the oven when the edges are just slightly golden and the middle is pale. Leave the cookies on the cookie sheet for at least 5 minutes before removing to a cooling rack. The cookies will finish baking on the hot baking sheet and set. This is how to achieve perfect chocolate chip cookies. Not only will your cookies look mouth-watering, your cookies will taste scrumptious.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
2¼ cups Flour
1 tsp Baking Soda
1 tsp Salt
½ cup Butter (1 stick), softened
½ cup Crisco Shortening
¾ cup Sugar
¾ cup Brown Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla
2 Eggs
2 cups Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (12 oz. bag)

In a separate bowl mix Flour, Baking Soda and Salt. Set aside
Cream Butter, Shortening, Sugar, Brown Sugar and Vanilla. Add Eggs one at a time.
Add flour mixture gradually. Stir in Chocolate Chips.
Bake at 375 for 7 to 9 minutes until edges are slightly golden. Cookies will look undercooked.
Makes 5 dozen cookies.





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  1. Thanks for sharing your secret with me (us)! My toll house cookies always bomb so now I know what to do! I love them chewy with melted chips when they are first done.... I am now craving them!! Hope you are having a good weekend! It is going by too fast!

    1. Deb, Since Chocolate Chip Cookies are everyone's favorite, I had to pass along my secrets. Bake up a batch and let me know how they turn out. Have a great Sunday.

  2. Joan, what a great post! I find it interesting that people will eat all kinds of stuff like partially hydrogenated whatever or high fructose whatsis and then balk at shortening. ;) It's good to know the secrets of a pretty, tasty cookie. Thanks for sharing the secrets with us at Treasure Box Tuesday- PINNED! ♥

    1. Joy, Good point and I'm glad you like the post. Thanks for hosting the Tuesday link party and I appreciate the pin.


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