Oh, not snowflake cookies again! If you have been following my blog awhile, then you know snowflakes are my favorite cookies to decorate. I was going to spare you another snowflake cookie this winter, but it was the perfect cookie for a special thank you. Besides, I just love the look of white-on-white and just had to make another batch. 

Remember my family history report, the compilation after years of research on my family roots? It was a labor of love but I could not have done it alone. Along the way, I met several second and third cousins online who generously shared information and vintage photographs of ancestors. My aunts, uncles and cousins also provided valuable information for the report. They graciously responded to many email requests for information, and some visited cemeteries and photographed family grave markers.

During a trip to New Bedford, Massachusetts a few years ago, the hometown of one line of maternal ancestors, I visited the gravesite of my great-great-grandparents, three great-grand-aunts and a great-grand-uncle. Denis and Hannah made the voyage from Ireland to Massachusetts in the mid-1800s, had seven children and struggled to make a life in America. For four years, Denis fought bravely for the Union during the Civil War and returned home lame and unable to work. After the war in order to support the family, the five eldest children worked in the wool mill, the youngest age 10. They worked ten hour days, seven days per week.

Their simple grave marker installed 100-plus years earlier had sunken into the ground and was no longer visible. It was during that trip that I was determined to place a new marker on my ancestors’ family plot. This past summer with the generosity of siblings and cousins, arrangements were made to design and install a spanking new stone with a Celtic cross and shamrocks. Joan and Jill at the memorial company assisted in the design; six shamrocks to signify six family members. After the stone was installed, Joan made a special trip to the cemetery to snap a photograph which was included in the genealogy report. Now that went beyond the call of duty and I could not be more grateful. So with my mission complete, these snowflake cookies were simply a sweet token of my gratitude.

Snowflake Cookies
Daisy Shortbread Cookies [The daisy cutter doubles as a Snowflake]
Royal Icing for outlining and flooding tinted Cream with just a smidge of Wilton Ivory
Disposable piping bags & couplers
Squeeze bottles
Wilton Decorating Tip #2

Outline cookie with # 2 tip in cream icing.
 Flood cookie in cream icing. Let sit 30 minutes.

Pipe plus sign and X sign with #2 tip in cream icing.

Pipe detail with #2 tip in cream icing.
Pipe dots with #2 tip in cream icing.  Let dry overnight.



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Look who’s turning ONE … a sweet babe with big blue eyes and corn silk hair and the face of a doll. Our grand niece, not quite ready to walk on her own, celebrated her first birthday with her big brother, little friends, cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Will she remember? No, but everyone else will recall how she entertained as this cutie indulged in her birthday cake with fingers, cheeks and nose coated in frosting. Priceless!

The circus party theme was complete with a clown cake served with cotton candy and fresh popcorn from a real-life popcorn machine. Animal crackers and large, colorful lollipops were party favors for the little tykes. For birthday cookies, visions of the big top, trapeze artists and dancing elephants came to mind. Inspiration for these cookies was grasped from the color scheme on the plates, napkins and decorations to create this simple, festive, confetti design. This design is versatile for any occasion and reminiscent of the 1950’s and 1960’s with the overlapping dots. I kept them small … just enough for two bites.

Square Cookies
Square Shortbread Cookies
Royal Icing for outlining and flooding tinted with AmeriColor Super White
Royal Icing for flooding tinted Turquoise with AmeriColor Turquoise and AmeriColor Electric Blue
Royal Icing for flooding tinted Yellow with AmeriColor Lemon Yellow
Royal Icing for flooding tinted Dusty Pink with AmeriColor Red and AmeriColor Brown
Disposable piping bags & couplers
Squeeze bottles
Wilton Decorating Tip #2

Outline and flood cookie with #2 tip in white icing.

Pipe large, medium and small dots with blue, yellow and pink icing. Let dry overnight.




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The holidays are here . . . cooking, baking, shopping, wrapping, trimming and planning. If you are like me, there are always a few things on my ‘To Do List’  that do not get crossed off due to lack of time. Sometimes only four batches of cookies are baked instead of the seven to eight varieties on my list.

Baking since childhood and having grown up with a mother and aunts whose desserts were always homemade and delicious, it goes against my grain to buy dessert. I really try not to, but I admit in recent years I have purchased apple pie from Costco for Thanksgiving dessert. This holiday season I have an easy dessert for you.

My favorite dessert is chocolate mousse and when it is on the menu in a restaurant, I order it. I have never made it from scratch but have made it from mixes found in the baking aisle. It takes ten minutes to prep and makes a nice impression in a pretty dessert dish. No doubt it is not as good as homemade but who has the time? Unless a guest inquires, I do not reveal my secret. It is a great dessert for a small holiday get-together or dinner party any time of the year. Each box makes four servings. It comes in various chocolate flavors such as dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. I have used two brands and one definitely surpasses the other. Southern Gourmet has an attractive box but falls short in taste and portion size. I prefer Dr. Oetker which tastes better, whips up to generously fill four dishes nicely and has a good taste. Add crumbled candy cane for a holiday touch.

Combine 1 cup of cold milk and contents of packet into a chilled mixing bowl.
Using a wire whip attachment, mix for 1 minute on lowest speed. Scrape sides of bowl.
Mix for 3-5 minutes on highest speed.
Spoon into serving dishes and chill at least 30 minutes. Serve cold.
Makes 4 servings.

I received no compensation for the endorsement of any product.


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