WONKY ROSE COOKIES/ Salted vs. Unsalted Butter

Butter is an ingredient in every cookie recipe. It was customary to list butter or margarine as a main ingredient. Recently, I’ve noticed margarine is omitted and recipes specify unsalted butter. Why is that? Possibly, we have become more conscientious of having too much sodium in our diet, although all processed food contains salt and lots of it. Cookie recipes call for salt as an ingredient usually in a small amount such as one-half teaspoon. The Nestle Original Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe on the back of Nestles Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels, removed shortening as an ingredient years ago. This is discussed in my Chocolate Chip Cookie post here

Back to the subject of butter. So is there a difference between baking with salted butter and unsalted butter in a cookie recipe? I conducted an experiment last Christmas baking many dozens and varieties of holiday cookies using only unsalted butter. Well, there is a distinct difference in my opinion … taste! Even though salt was an ingredient in each recipe, the cookies lacked some flavor when baked with unsalted butter. Even though there is no salt taste, it enhances the overall flavor of the cookie. When it comes down to it salted vs. unsalted is a personal choice, but this baker will always use salted butter.

This rose cookie is a whimsical design, easy and fun cookie to decorate. Come see the process.

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Wonky Rose Cookies
Wonky Rose Shortbread Cookies
Royal Icing for outlining and flooding tinted Purple with AmeriColor Electric Purple, AmeriColor Fushcia, Wilton Pink
Royal Icing for outlining and flooding tinted Yellow with AmeriColor Lemon Yellow and AmeriColor Egg Yellow
Royal Icing for outlining and flooding tinted Green with AmeriColor Lemon Yellow and AmeriColor Leaf Green
Disposable piping bags & couplers
Squeeze bottles
Wilton Decorating Tip #2
PME Decorating Tip #1.5
[Design inspired by Callye’s Easy Rose Cookies at Sweet Sugarbelle]

Outline with #2 tip in purple icing.

Flood with purple icing. Let dry 30 minutes.

Add detail to cookie with #1.5 tip in purple icing.
Outline and flood leaf with #2 tip in green icing. Let dry 10 minutes. 
Add leaf detail with #2 trip in green icing. Let dry overnight.

Decorate some cookies in yellow icing.


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