All good things must come to an end. For the last year, I’ve given a lot of thought about whether I would continue the blog beyond 2020. After nearly 250 blog posts and 8 years of blogging, having begun this endeavor in January 2013, I have come to the decision that this will be my last year doing My Cookie Clinic.

The blog takes a lot of time and I’ve calculated it is a 15-17 hour process to create each blog post. There is prep time which begins with making the cookie dough, rolling it out,  cutting the shapes, baking time, mixing the royal icing, coloring and preparing icing. All that takes place before the decorating process begins. Then, each step is photographed as well as glamour shots of the finished cookies. Let’s not forget cleanup. It’s amazing how many bowls, spatulas, spoons, piping tips and bags are used and what a mess I can make! Next, is the blog post. I spend a lot of time composing and editing the anecdotes. The decorating instructions take little time but it is the photography that bogs me down. I take nearly 100 photos for each project and it takes hours to choose, edit and beautify them.

You can probably tell from my infrequent online postings that I am not a fan of social media. I only follow bakers and cookie decorators but I feel my time could be better spent. In fact, I think what finally prompted my decision to stop blogging was the quantity of toilet paper cookies and cakes posted on social media during the peak of the global Coronavirus pandemic. I fail to see the humor when people are full of fear and anxiety over their health and livelihood and those of their loved ones.

I have enjoyed working on the blog, meeting other blogging buddies and bringing the anecdotes and tutorials to you. Now I would like to spend time completing the many tasks on my to do list and boating on the Chesapeake Bay with my husband. Then there’s that piece of furniture that needs refinishing. I plan to continue decorating cookies for family and friends, baking cakes and other sweets which have always been a pastime for me.

I will continue to create cookie posts during 2020 and the blog will be online until the end of this calendar year, as well as my Facebook and Instagram pages. If there are any anecdotes, tutorials or recipes you would like to keep, I suggest you make a note of them as My Cookie Clinic and all social media pages (except YouTube) will be removed from the Internet after December. For anyone, who would like a copy of my e-book containing the 35+ recipes listed under the Recipes tab, send an email to and I will send you a copy. 

To my subscribers and blogging buddies, thank you for your kindness, support and encouragement. It has meant more to me than you will ever know. I truly hope my little blog has inspired you and brought sweetness to your world.
Happy baking!  Joan

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