BLOGGERS SPOTLIGHT/ 5 Marvelous Bloggers

I would like to introduce you to my blogging buddies. These ladies possess remarkable talent and inspire with their limitless creativity. I am grateful for their support and encouragement along my blogging journey. Come meet, Deb, Kara Jane, Amy, Jemma and Laura. Take a tour of their websites and be inspired. 

Deb shares her favorite recipes inspired by her ancestors. Her blog is a virtual cookbook of salads, appetizers, crepes, snacks, cookies, desserts and dinners such as Tomato Basil Soup with Feta and Skillet Baked Spinach Ravioli. And did someone say lemon? It’s Deb’s favorite ingredient and she has every kind of recipe you can think of with lemons, even a Lemoncello Martini.
Kara Jane has an obsession with cakes and shares her immense knowledge of how to bake the perfect cake, whip up a creamy buttercream frosting and yummy dessert recipes sure to impress. She explains the science of baking demonstrates the proper way to mix ingredients and the pitfalls of baking. Her scrumptious sweets will enchant your sweet tooth.

Amy is a world traveler who shares her excursions through her beautiful photography. She will take you on a guided tour from New York City to Iceland to Greece to Amsterdam. She transports you as she beautifully describes the culture and food of each destination. I feel as if I've traveled the world through her beautiful photographs and descriptive anecdotes.

Jemma will take you into her world of gardening, crafting, decorating and baking. She inspires with her home décor for every occasion, her charming holiday tablescapes and gardening tips. Her heartfelt writings in Jemma’s Tales accompanied by beautiful photographs are not to be missed.

Laura’s talents as a decorator, seamstress and crafter will amaze. She inspires through home décor, holiday crafts and tablescapes. Her fashion post through the eras and decades is one of my favorites. Besides all that, Laura honors the legacy of her ancestor, Laura Ingalls from ‘Little House on the Prairie’ fame in the Story of Laura Ingalls and Tour of Laura’s Homes.

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