It seems the day of church weddings have given way to garden nuptials in tranquil, countryside settings. The exchange of vows under a birch tree with grass beneath ones feet and guitar trio to serenade is today's romantic setting. Every generation creates their own traditions to make their special day a unique and memorable event. Attendants and groomsmen dance and entertain as they make their entrance into the reception. Head tables have been replaced with heart-shaped, sweetheart tables. Champagne toasts by the best man often extends to the maid of honor and other attendants as they delight guests with humorous stories from the couple's past, careful not to divulge too much. Three-tier wedding cake has given way to cupcakes and other sweet treats. Although, the traditions of libations, music, dancing and merriment still abound. Most importantly, gathering with loved ones to share the big day is priority one.

These Diamond Cookies were decorated to mimic the trio of colors at a recent wedding.

Diamond Cookies
Diamond Shortbread Cookies
Royal Icing for outlining and flooding tinted Gray with AmeriColor Super Black
Royal Icing for outlining and flooding tinted White with AmeriColor Super White
Royal Icing for detail tinted Dark Teal with AmeriColor Sky Blue and AmeriColor Lemon Yellow
Royal Icing for detail tinted Navy Blue with AmeriColor Royal Blue, AmeriColor Violet and AmeriColor Super Black
Royal Icing for detail tinted Hot Pink with AmeriColor Electric Pink
Disposable piping bags & couplers
Squeeze bottles
Wilton Decorating Tip #3
Wilton Star Tip #16, #18, #24
Harlequin Stencil
Contemporary Hearts Cookie Stencils
AmeriColor Pearl Sheen Airbrush Color
Airbrush Kit or Wilton Pearl Color Mist

Outline cookie with #3 tip in gray icing
Flood cookie with gray icing. Let dry overnight.

Place stencil on the cookie. Spray with pearl airbrush color. Gently lift stencil.

Let dry 30 minutes.

Pipe lines with #3 tip in gray and white icing.

Pipe roses with #18 tip in teal. Pipe small flowers with tips #24 and #16 in pink and navy.
Let dry overnight.

Pipe some cookies in white icing.



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