Things have sure changed since I was a kid. I remember second grade started off in fast mode. Weeks were filled with anticipation of receiving our First Communion. With nuns wearing scary outfits that showed only their faces, it was drill time. In preparation for our big day we were given a multiple-page handout with 100-questions. No kidding! We had to memorize each and every question and many of the answers were several lines in length. We're talking 6 and 7 year-olds here. The nuns put the fear of God in us warning that the Bishop would call on us individually and we would have to stand up and recite the complete answer. So to avoid humiliation we all studied and studied for weeks.

That was just one part of the process. Before the date of our First Communion, we were lined up in church to go to our First Confession. The priest sat in shadow and behind a curtain we quietly confessed our sins. Let me emphasize again … we were only 6 and 7 and barely out of first grade. So how many bad things can a kid do at that age but we had to come up with something. I confessed 'I was mean to my little brother' and I' did not mind my parents.' There … that should cover it. Then my Penance of three Our Fathers and two Hail Mary's would absolve me from my sins. Going to a Catholic elementary school we heard the word sin a lot.

Let me not forget the weeks of practicing, filing in and out of the church in perfect formation with hands tightly clasped together and interlaced thumbs, kneeling at the Communion rail for our first host. Then the big day … the girls in our white, chiffon dresses and veils and the boys all in white in their suits, ties and bucks. We looked like a flock of angels. We filed into the church and then came the time we all anticipated, question time. The bishop in his awesome red, triangular hat asked only one question to the entire class of 120 second-graders. I'll never forget he asked question #1 … What is Communion? Although relieved not to be called on, it was one of those Charlie Brown moments and a bubble over my head  read … You've got to be kidding me … we did all that memorization and he asks one question to all of us! We all replied in unison like a choir from above.

Nowadays the practice of memorizing answers is no longer done. Thank God! First Communion usually occurs in Spring and the Communion Rail is gone. There is not so much white and kids can look forward with excitement to their First Communion without the fear of being singled out to answer a question. Progress!

Communion Cookies
Dress Shortbread Cookies
Cross Shortbread Cookies
Royal Icing for outlining and flooding tinted White with AmeriColor Super White
Royal Icing for detail tinted Hot Pink with AmeriColor Electric Pink
Royal Icing for detail tinted Pale Pink with a smidge of AmeriColor Electric Pink
Royal Icing for detail tinted Green with AmeriColor Leaf Green
Disposable piping bags & couplers
Squeeze bottles
Wilton Decorating Tip #2
Wilton Star Tip #24
Wilton Leaf Tip #67
Rose Stencil  
Elegant Teardrops Stencil 
AmeriColor Pearl Sheen Airbrush Color
Airbrush Kit or Wilton Color Mist

Outline dress with #2 tip in white icing
Flood dress with white icing. Let dry 45 minutes.

Pipe cap sleeves with #2 tip in white icing. Let dry overnight.

Place stencil on the cookie. Spray with pearl airbrush color. 

Gently lift stencil. Let dry 20 minutes.

Pipe roses in pink swirl icing with star tip #24. Pipe leaves in green icing with leaf tip #67.

Decorate cross cookies with same design using teardrops stencil. 

Let dry overnight.





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  1. Joan, These cookies are beautiful and I love the look of the rose stencil. Stacey

    1. Stacey, Thank you! This stencil is one of my favorites.

  2. These cookies are so dainty and beautiful. I like the bright pink of the flowers. Sue

    1. Thanks Sue. For a little girl's First Communion I knew pink would be perfect. So glad you stopped by.

  3. This is beautiful. Kimberly


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