Recently, I came upon an entertaining article by Richard Lederer, where he writes about words and phrases that were once part of our everyday vernacular, but whose time has come and gone.

It made me think of some familiar old phrases my parents used, most of which made no sense to me as a little girl. There was… ‘chip off the old block’  and ‘chip on his shoulder.’  Do you remember… ‘a pain in the neck’  which has since evolved into a phrase not to be verbalized in front of the children. Or what about … ‘that was a hell of a note’ which brought music to my young mind. To express exasperation, there was the popular ‘for crying out loud’ and my Aunt Rosemary’s version of that expression, ‘for crying out tears.’  I used to wonder what did tears have to do with anything? Then there was ‘for Pete’s sake.’  What did poor Pete ever do to anyone? Here are a few more for you: ‘He’s a pill,’  ‘don’t be a stick in the mud,’  ‘birds of a feather flock together’,  ‘a hop, skip and a jump’ and ‘if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.’  Does anyone out there use these next phrases? ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,'  'a picture is worth a thousand words’  and ‘the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.’  I still do! There are thousands of expressions and you can see oodles of them here ... an innocent era forever lost in time. Leave a comment with a phrase from yesteryear and see how many we can remember.

Remember the airbrushed leaf cookies in my last post? Well, here are the tulip cookies that go with them. In both cookies the airbrushing technique on the tulip petals and leaves create a realistic effect. See the leaf tutorial here.

Tulip Cookies
Tulip Shortbread Cookies
Royal Icing for outlining and flooding tinted Rose Pink with AmeriColor Super Red and AmeriColor Egg Yellow
Disposable piping bags & couplers
Squeeze bottles
Wilton Decorating Tip #2, #3
AmeriColor Airbrush Color (Deep Pink)
Airbrush Kit or Wilton Color Mist

Outline a section of cookie with #2 tip in pink icing.
Flood that section of cookie. Let sit 10 minutes.

Outline and flood two other sections of cookie with pink icing.
Wait 10 minutes between flooding sections.

Let sit 45 minutes.

Pipe outline with #3 tip in pink icing. Let dry overnight.

Spray pink airbrush color onto edges of cookie and folds of tulip.
Let dry 30 minutes.

Cookies without airbrushing


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  1. Oh yes, I do remember those phrases and just like you they echo in my mind on many occasions.
    The deal is they carry quite a bit of truth!
    Oh the good old days...
    You know I have to stop and drool over your cookies and pin a few too!
    Have a lovely evening,

    1. Hi Jemma, You are so right! Thanks for dropping by and I appreciate the pin!

  2. Good Morning Joan,
    So happy to see you at the party this morning, you know we love having you join us and share your talents and inspiration!
    Happy Thursday too:)

    1. Hi Jemma, thank you for hosting the weekly link party. There is always a great collection of crafts and goodies. I appreciate your visits.

  3. Oh I adore that the tulips and leaves are separate cookies! We so appreciate you joining the Thoughts of Home on Thursday gathering. May you have a delightfully lovely weekend.

    1. Hi Laura, Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed this post. I appreciate you and the other ladies for hosting Thursday's weekly link party. It's so much fun to see other bloggers creations. Thanks for dropping by and have a festive Memorial Day weekend!

  4. Cute cookies. This post was an enjoyable read. What comes to mind is 'fly right' and 'pull yourself up by your bootstraps.' Nancy

    1. I remember those phrases but I have not heard them for a long time. Thanks for dropping by, Nancy.

  5. Thanks for the blast from the past!!Beautiful cookies!!
    Cousin Kathy

    1. Hi Cuz, Thanks and I am so glad you enjoyed the post. I love reading your comments. Have a great holiday weekend!


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