It’s getting to be that time of year again when everyone’s thoughts turn to romance. Ahhhh! The season is filled with heart shapes in red, pink and other girly colors. Well, romance involves men too, right?

As everyone knows, Valentine’s Day is a yearly tradition when expressions of love are transmitted in sweet, darling ways in chocolates, fancy dinners, flowers, etc. This year I’m looking at it from the male perspective. I assume that as much as the men enjoy indulging their sweeties with nice things and an evening out, they enjoy being on the receiving end of those sweet expressions too. One thing I’ve discovered since starting this blog is that men love cookies. Did you hear me? ... Men Love Cookies! So why don’t you make this the year you treat him with your own homemade decorated cookies? Your guy will love your thoughtful, creative and sweet expression of affection.

These cookies were decorated with stencils and color mist to create a masculine, classy effect.

Heart Cookies
Heart Shortbread Cookies
Royal Icing for outlining and flooding tinted Slate Blue with AmeriColor Royal Blue and AmeriColor Super Black
Disposable piping bags & couplers
Squeeze bottles
Wilton Decorating Tip #2
Harlequin Stencil
Chevron Stencil
Wilton Silver Color Mist
Wilton Gold Color Mist

Outline cookie with #2 tip in blue icing.

Flood cookie with blue icing. Let dry overnight.

Place stencil on the cookie. 

Spray with silver color mist. 

Gently lift stencil.

Let dry 30 minutes.


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BOYS 2 - GIRLS 2   A newborn baby girl has just tied the score in our family. I’m referring to the newest addition born to my nephew and his darling wife. Two of my nephews now have families of their own, each with a boy and girl. How perfect is that?

I was the only girl in my family with three brothers and then my brothers had all boys … six. Even the dogs in the family were male. When my nephews married my hope was for some ribbons and ruffles and pink to enter our world. Well, it took only 52 years since my birth for another girl to come into the family. Finally!! The first born of this young generation was a girl nearly six years ago. No one was more surprised than me. Three years later two boys followed … cousins, only two months apart. I wondered if the streak was going to stop at one girl. Nope! The score is now even with this baby girl born eight weeks ago. Although the score may not remain tied for long as twins are expected in February.

These Baby Rattle Cookies were made to honor the birth of grand niece #2. She’s beautiful and precious with an adoring big brother. What a perfect occasion to christen my new rattle cutter. These rattles would be so sweet for a baby shower too.

Baby Rattle Cookies
Rattle Shortbread Cookies
Royal Icing for outlining and flooding tinted Lavender with AmeriColor Regal Purple and AmeriColor Deep Pink
Royal Icing for flooding tinted Dark Purple with AmeriColor Regal Purple
Royal Icing for outlining tinted Mint Green with AmeriColor Avocado and Wilton Ivory
Disposable piping bags & couplers
Squeeze bottles
Wilton Decorating Tip #2, #3

Outline large and small circles of the cookie with #2 tip in lavender icing.

Flood circles with lavender icing. Let sit five minutes.

Sprinkle large circle with nonpareils.
Pipe three dots in dark purple icing on small circle. Pull with toothpick to create design.

Pipe and flood middle section with #2 tip in lavender icing. Let dry 45 minutes.

Pipe ribbon with #3 tip in green icing. 

Let dry overnight. 






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Valentine’s Day is just one month away! Time to start planning. This Valentine’s Day express your love for all those special persons in your life … spouses, significant others, children, parents, siblings and friends with a sweet gift.

Everyone loves homemade sweets so why not bake up something special in your own kitchen. Here is a collection of Valentine desserts to inspire. No time to decorate cookies … no problem. These shortbread cookies can be plain or frosted with buttercream in your favorite color and topped with sanding sugar, jimmies or nonpareils. Or go big with individual mini heart cakes in vanilla or chocolate. For easy drop cookies, brownies and cookie bars, browse the Recipes tab. Leave a comment and share your plans for Valentine’s Day!

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DECORATED COOKIES/ Second Anniversary


Last year at this time I had completed my first full year of blogging, and in September I reached my 100 post milestone on My Cookie Clinic. This month I’m celebrating my Second Anniversary in the blogging world. There is actually a word for it … Blogoversary. Many bloggers celebrate their anniversary by hosting a giveaway. My Cookie Clinic is my humble, little corner of the blogosphere so I hope a sincere THANK YOU  will be sufficient for my loyal readers, who I appreciate from the bottom of my heart. I realize there are thousands of blogs out there and I’m thrilled that My Cookie Clinic is one of the blogs you choose to follow. In 2015, I will continue to do my best to provide interesting content to you on a regular basis.

In my third year of blogging I would love to open up the lines of communication with my readers, subscribers and occasional visitors. Tell me what’s on your mind. Leave comments and share your thoughts. I would like to know what you would like to see on the blog and what would make your experience at The Clinic more fun, more interesting and more enlightening. Tell me what you would like in cookie designs, desserts and recipes. I will try my best to deliver. For the cookie decorators out there, tell me about your cookie projects. If you have a question or comment, please don’t be shy. I would love to hear from you. I’m all ears!

There is a section below each and every post to share your thoughts. Simply click on Comments and a drop down menu will appear listing Google, Live Journal, AIM, Open/ID, Name/URL, etc.  Confusing … I know, and honestly I cannot make sense of most of them either. Simply click on Anonymous, write a comment, check the box that you are not a robot and click publish. Please leave your name so I can respond directly to you. I reply to all comments left on my blog and enjoy connecting with my readers.

This year I am going to ask each of my loyal followers for a favor. It’s very simple … if you like a post please spread the word by sharing it on social media, tell a friend, Pin It, whatever. Each photo has a hover Pin It button and there are share buttons below each post. The doors at the Clinic are open to all who love cookies and have a sweet tooth. If you are an occasional visitor or one who has My Cookie Clinic tabbed on a bookmark, sign up for free updates delivered to your mailbox. That way you will keep up with the latest happenings at The Clinic. There are sign up boxes in the right margin and under every post, and your e-mail address remains confidential. If you miss a post, refer to the Blog Archive in the right margin. Also, on each page after the Comments section, Older Posts will take you to all previous posts.

So please visit often, read, share, comment, subscribe and stay in touch in 2015. Here are the most popular posts of 2014. Thank you for following me on my blogging journey.

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