I’ve been researching my family history for the last seven years, although cookie decorating and the blog have taken me away from my research at times. Genealogy is more than just finding names and dates. It is fascinating to learn about ones ancestors and see how they lived. I have researched my grandparents and several sets of great grandparents including their siblings and cousins. By widening my search it has provided a more complete picture of my family. I encourage you to jot down information about yourselves, children, parents and grandparents and include birthdates, anniversaries, sibling names, addresses, medical histories, etc. Ask your grandparents and older relatives about their parents and grandparents too. I can guarantee that one of your children, grandchildren or descendants will be interested in researching the family tree sometime in the future. They will be grateful for the information. Believe me, there are relatives who had information it has taken me years to discover.

Along the way I have connected with a few distant cousins. One being my cousin, Bill who I met online four years ago. At first we exchanged information about our discoveries which blossomed into a friendship. He attended college in the town where I grew up … who knew! We currently live 1000 miles apart, stay in regular contact and even though we’ve never met face-to-face, Bill feels like family. He even has my grandfather’s light blue eyes. He is my second cousin, once-removed which is not as complicated as it sounds. His father and my maternal grandfather are first cousins. Bill and my mother are second cousins and Bill’s children are my third cousins, who I’ve also met through the magic of email.

Bill was one of the first subscribers to my blog. To show my gratitude for his support and friendship, I made these cookies for Bill and his wife, Kayla who celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary last month. What a gift to meet a cousin I would never have known if not for my family research.

Anniversary Cookies
Wedding Cake Shortbread Cookies
Royal Icing for outlining and flooding tinted Cream with Wilton Ivory
Royal Icing for outlining, flooding and detail tinted Gold with Wilton Gold and Wilton Ivory
Disposable piping bags & couplers
Squeeze bottles
Wilton Decorating Tip #2
Wilton Star Tip #16
Gold Luster Dust
Hint: Just a smidge of Ivory creates Cream 

View Video Tutorial

Outline cookie with #2 tip in cream icing.

Flood cookie with cream icing.

Pipe 6 lines with gold flood icing.

Using a toothpick, swirl the icing to create design. 

Let dry overnight.

Pipe rows with #16 star tip in gold detail icing. Let dry overnight.

Apply gold luster dust with paintbrush to piped rows and cookie outline. (Look closely, it's there!)
 Let dry 30 minutes.

[Design inspired by Amber's Gold Marbled Wedding Cookies at Sweetambs] 




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  1. Hi Joan,
    As a first cousin on your mother's side I must say your mom would be so proud of you!!
    These cookies are exquisite!! Keep up the great cookie work!!
    Cousin Kathy

    1. Kathy, Thank you! These cookies were fun to decorate. Mom taught me how to bake as a little girl and I have great memories of that time. It was wonderful seeing you. Love, Joan

  2. Replies
    1. Paula, Thanks so much. I could go for your Strawberry Blackberry Mojito right now!

  3. Hi Joan, thanks for linking to Marvelous Monday with these beautiful looking cookies! I think it is really cool that you are interested in your family history. What a fun and rewarding project for sure! Pinning!

    1. Hi Deb, Thank you and I appreciate the pin. Thanks too for hosting the weekly MM party. I hope Spring has arrived in MN.

  4. Joan, what beautiful cookies! How amazing is it that you were able to connect with a relative and develop a relationship with them. They must have been thrilled to receive such special cookies!

    1. Aida, Thank you! It has been a very nice experience getting to know my cousin, Bill. He liked the cookies too!

  5. Love your tutorial for these beautiful wedding anniversary cookies! The color is so wonderful and we like what you did with the swirls on the frosting. WOW! Thanks for sharing this on your #simplybebetsy gallery - it's just a treat!
    Sharon and Denise

    1. Sharon & Denise, Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorial. I truly appreciate you posting these cookies at Simply BeBetsy.

  6. Congratulations to your cousin Bill and his wife of 56 (!!!) years, Kayla. You made them a beautiful gift with these cookies. So nice that you were able to connect through researching your family history.

    1. Paula, Thank you! I enjoyed making these cookies for my cousin's anniversary. It's been wonderful getting to know my cousin and his family.

  7. Joan,
    Your cookies look lovely. I'd love it if you would link up at #GetHimFed Fridays. Hope to see you there. The party closes Sunday night.

    1. Annamaria, Thank you! I appreciate the invite to the link party. I'll try to catch you this Friday.


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