What are they? Can you figure out what these cookies are? You can tell they kind of look like a house but why the circle in the middle? Stumped? Ok, I’ll give you the answer. These cookies are birdhouses.

Some cookie ideas do not turn out as envisioned. I trimmed a bungalow cookie cutter to resemble a birdhouse. I then added a circle in the middle of the cookie which should be a bit bigger. The gingerbread roof looks more squiggly than quaint. Maybe if I added a perch beneath the circle the cookie would be more recognizable as a birdhouse.

Every cookie artisan occasionally creates a cookie that does not turn out as imagined. I already have ideas of how to perfect this cookie. I will give this design another try sometime in the future. Stay tuned!

Birdhouse Cookies
Bungalow Shortbread Cookies
Royal Icing for outlining and flooding tinted Light Purple with AmeriColor Regal Purple
Royal Icing for flooding tinted Light Yellow with AmeriColor Egg Yellow and Wilton Ivory
Royal Icing for detail tinted Green with AmeriColor Avocado and AmeriColor Lemon Yellow
Disposable piping bags & couplers
Squeeze bottles
Wilton Decorating Tip #2
Wilton Leaf Decorating Tip #67

Roll out dough and cut shapes with bungalow cutter.
Trim the chimney and roof edges with pizza cutter or small knife.
Imprint a circle in middle of cookie with the wide part of an icing tip. Bake cookies.

Outline cookie and circle with #2 tip in purple icing.

Pipe scalloped edges on roof line with #2 tip in purple icing. Let sit 15 minutes.

Fill scalloped edges with purple flood icing.

Flood rest of cookie with yellow icing.

Pipe dots with purple flood icing.
Pipe three sides of house with purple outline icing.

Pipe ivy leaves on right side of house with #67 tip in green icing. 

Let dry overnight.



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  1. oh, I think they're great, I knew immediately it's a birdhouse!

  2. Paula, You are so sweet. Thank you!

  3. I could also tell immediately they were birdhouses! Darn cute!

  4. Liz, Thank you...I'm glad you stopped by the Clinic!

  5. LOVE these little birdhouses, Joan! I'm always amazed at your creativity! I love that looks so shiny! I really am going to have to give it a try very soon. (But you know how some people are afraid to work with yeast, or phyllo, or fondant....I'm afraid of royal icing!)

  6. Hi Anne, Thank you! Royal icing is very can do it. I wish I could frost cakes as beautiful as yours! If you ever need a taste-tester, let me know!

  7. Don't be so harsh on yourself! These cookies are so adorable and I would be so happy if I can make them half as nice. I could tell they are birdhouses cookies because they look just like the birdhouse at my neighbor's yard! :) But, I also admire your effort to make things even better. Bravo! I really look forward to seeing your new post.

  8. Amy, Thanks for your kind words. Thanks too for subscribing to the Clinic and I can't wait to show my latest creation.


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