Anniversary 65

May 15, 2013

There is no cookie tutorial today. I would like to recognize two wonderful people ... my parents.

Gloria & George were married 65 years ago today.

My parents grew up during the Great Depression of the 1930's and in their high school years WWII broke out. My father enlisted in the Navy in 1942 after high school graduation. He was stationed in Miami and served on a patrol boat searching the Atlantic for German subs. My parents met as teenagers in New York City when Mom’s sister was dating Dad’s best friend. They didn’t have much money and a date was sometimes church, breakfast and a walk through Central Park. Mom and Dad married in 1948 and started a family. My brothers and I were very lucky to have two loving parents, and later they were loving grandparents to their six grandsons.

My parents were married for 52 years before Dad passed away. Dad has been gone for 13 years now and Mom for nearly eight. Somehow the planet still seems a little off-kilter without them. Since then, there have been graduations, marriages and now they have three little great-grandchildren (six as of 2016).

May 15th is still a day for celebration in our family as it is my brother’s birthday, born on our parents’ 4th wedding anniversary.

Young Sweethearts in Central Park, 1945

Cocktails after picking up their Marriage License, 1948

Wedding Day, May 15, 1948

45 Years Later, 1993

Love you and Miss you,

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