Spring has sprung in Washington and the cherry blossoms are finally blooming. Now for the first time in a month the local weather forecasters can have some peace. Every night the interrogation would begin from their co-anchors. When are the cherry blossoms going to bloom? Are the blooms going to coincide with the Cherry Blossom Festival? They are weather forecasters people, not psychic! My fellow Washingtonians know what I'm talking about. Every spring the local meteorologists are hounded about the peak date for the cherry blossoms. They do a fantastic job coming up with a target date each and every evening to quiet the peanut gallery. The cherry blossom trees are a little unpredictable and seem to have a mind of their own. They were predicted to bloom two weeks ago but the buds do not like cold temperatures. Well, the temps rose to the upper 80s earlier this week and the blossoms made their grand entrance. The warm temps were just what the cherry blossom trees were waiting for to burst into color. The pink clusters along the Tidal Basin are breathtaking. If you do not like crowds, watch the cherry trees on the local news every night this week, until the next rain blows the blossoms away!
[Source: Wikipedia]

Cherry Blossoms Cookies
Blossom Shortbread Cookies
Royal Icing for outlining tinted Dark Pink with Americolor Red and Americolor Deep Pink
Royal Icing for flooding tinted Medium Pink with AmeriColor Super Red and Americolor Deep Pink
Royal Icing for flooding tinted Yellow with AmeriColor Lemon Yellow and Wilton Ivory
Disposable piping bags & couplers
Squeeze bottles
Wilton Decorating Tip #2
Hint: Just a smidge of Wilton Ivory mixed with Americolor Lemon Yellow will create Soft Yellow.

Outline cookie with #2 tip in dark pink icing. Let sit 15 minutes.

Flood cookie with medium pink icing.

Squeeze large dot of yellow flood icing onto center of cookie.

Pull with toothpick to create center of blossom. Let sit 30 minutes.

Outline petals of cookie with #2 tip in dark pink icing.

Squeeze small dots of yellow flood icing onto center of cookie. Let sit 15 minutes.
(Flood icing will spread. Leave ample space between yellow dots).

Pipe small dots with #2 tip of dark pink outline icing onto center of cookie. Let dry overnight.






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