Dear Cookie Artisans:

Cookie Decorating has a learning curve. Just like any new sport or activity, nothing is easy at first and it takes a few tries to get good. Cookie decorating takes practice and your skills will improve with time. The important thing is to be patient, not get discouraged and have fun. You will see how your skills progress the more you do it. One more thing, no matter the result, your cookies will taste yummy. I guarantee you will find an uptick in your popularity and an abundance of cookie taste-testers! 

If you are inspired to create your own edible works of art, here is where to BEGIN:

For icing preparation, technique and care of decorating tools see the Decorate tab. For video instruction, visit the Videos tab.  Most of the ingredients for baking Shortbread Cookies and preparing Royal Icing are already in your pantry. Refer to Recipes for more details. Listed below are 7 essential supplies you will need to decorate your first batch of cookies. 
                                                              Meringue Powder*
                                                              Cookie Cutters
                                                              Icing Tips
                                                              Icing Bags
                                                              Squeeze Bottles
                                                              Food Coloring

See Cookie Decorating/201 for instruction on time management. 

*Only recommend Ateco Meringue Powder. Wilton Meringue Powder not recommended due to difficulty in achieving exact consistency of royal icing and chemical aroma.


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