Get rid of those late winter blues by pairing a sweet confection with your morning cup of Joe. This Cream Cheese Pound Cake whips up in 10 minutes and the kitchen will be sparkling clean by the time this scrumptious delight comes out of the oven.

I like to purchase cream cheese in a three pound box. It is more economical but as the expiration date nears, I start baking every recipe that contains cream cheese. That’s not a bad thing except for my waistline!

The best thing about Cream Cheese Pound Cake is that it can be eaten at breakfast, as a mid-morning snack, dessert in your child’s lunch bag and to squelch that late night sweet craving. You know the one, just before bedtime. It is also an easy dessert for a dinner party. A slice of pound cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and coconut shavings….Yum!

Cream Cheese Pound Cake
1½ cups Butter (3 sticks), softened
8 oz  Cream Cheese, softened
3 cups Sugar
6 Eggs
3 cups Flour
1/8 tsp Salt
1 tsp Vanilla

Grease and flour 10" bundt pan or tube pan
Blend Butter and Cream Cheese.
Gradually add Sugar. Add Eggs one at a time.
In a separate bowl mix Flour and Salt. Add to creamed mixture. Stir in Vanilla. Mix well.
Bake at 300 for 1 hour, 40 minutes.
Hint: This is a large recipe. For a smaller cake, cut the recipe in half and bake in a loaf pan. 
[This is the Cream Cheese Pound Cake recipe in Southern Living Magazine]




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CHERRY COOKIES/ 8 Facts About George

George Washington (Feb 22, 1732 - Dec 14, 1799)

There is so much we know about our first President but ....

Did you know that George Washington was actually born on February 11, 1731? The day and year were changed to February 22, 1732 under the Gregorian calendar.

Did you know George Washington was the only president to have received 100% of the electoral votes? Washington served as President from April 30, 1789 – March 4, 1797. He was elected to two terms and declined to run for a third term.

Did you know that George and Martha had no children together but they raised Martha’s two children, George and Eleanor from her first marriage?

Did you know it is a myth that George Washington wore a wig? Although wigs were common in his day, instead he powdered his red hair.

Did you know an asteroid was named after George Washington in 1917? 

Did you know the story about young George chopping down his father’s cherry tree is a myth? It is a fictional story first conceived by his biographer after Washington's death. Yet, we continue to associate George Washington with cherry trees. 

Did you know George Washington’s birthday has been a holiday since 1885?

Do you know how many landmarks were named in honor of George Washington? There are too many to count but everything from our nation’s capital, universities, a state, currency, postage stamps, streets, etc. are named Washington.

In honor of the first President of the United States, I made some cherry cookies. Read on!

George Washington, March 1797 Portrait by Stuart Gilbert (Source: Wikipedia)

Chocolate Fudge Cookies
1 Cup Butter (2 sticks), softened
1 Cup Sugar
1 Egg
1 Tsp Vanilla
2 Cups Flour
½ Cup Cocoa Powder
½ Tsp Baking Soda
½ Tsp Salt

In a separate bowl, mix Flour, Cocoa, Baking Soda and Salt. Set aside.
Cream Butter and Sugar. Add Egg and Vanilla. Mix well.
Gradually add dry ingredients. Do not overmix.

Divide dough in two halves and wrap in plastic and chill for 2 hours.
Roll out dough on floured surface. Cut shapes.
Bake at 375 for 8-10 minutes until dry on surface.
If using convection oven, bake at 350 for 7-8 minutes. Do not overbake.
Makes 30 medium-sized cookies.
Hint: Flour from rolling cookies will disappear during baking.
[This is the original Chocolate Rolled Cookie Recipe at The Decorated Cookie]

Cherry Cookies
Heart Chocolate Fudge Cookies
Royal Icing for outlining and flooding tinted with AmeriColor Super Red
Royal Icing for flooding tinted with AmeriColor Bright White
Royal Icing for detail tinted with AmeriColor Leaf Green
Disposable piping bags & couplers
Squeeze bottles
Wilton Decorating Tips #2, #5
Wilton Decorating Leaf Tip #67
[Design inspired by Georganne's Pumpkin Cutter Cherries at LilaLoa]

 Turn cookie upside down and outline two cherries with tip #2 in red icing.

Flood cherries in red icing.

Add accent with white flood icing. Let dry 15 minutes.

Turn cookie. Add stems with #5 tip in green detail icing.

Turn cookie. Add leaves with leaf tip #67 in green detail icing. Let Cookies dry overnight.

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Did you all see the movie Julie & Julia? Yes, in Northern Virginia we’re considered a southern state and “you all” is part of the vernacular. I rarely use that term since I’m from Yankee territory, but in this instance I hope there are many readers out there and “you” didn’t seem sufficient.

My husband and I are not big movie-goers. We usually catch a movie at home or in this instance we borrowed the DVD from our friends, Kristine & Mark. They have an extensive movie library and with our new DVD player from Santa we may be checking out more movies from their library! We were probably the only two people who had not seen Julie & Julia. If there are any others out there it’s well worth the viewing. Meryl Streep is her usual fabulous and she is funny in this movie. I promise, even the guys will like this movie.

As you know, Julia Child was an icon in our American culture and the movie is an interesting tale of her life mostly in France where she took French cooking classes. The Julie in the movie is a present day 30-something and writer living in NYC who decides to challenge herself to cook the recipes in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, 365 recipes in 365 days. Crazy, I know. I was stressed out for her.

Back to the cookies. These Snowflakes are a thank you to our friends and did I mention, we borrowed the movie for 10 months? So embarrassing!

You will likely see more Snowflakes on this blog as they are one of my favorites to decorate. Once you’ve mastered straight lines, it’s very easy.

Daisy Shortbread Cookies [The daisy cutter doubles as a Snowflake]
Royal Icing for outlining and flooding tinted Cream with Wilton Ivory
Royal Icing for outlining tinted with AmeriColor Sky Blue
Disposable piping bags & couplers
Squeeze bottles
Wilton Decorating Tip #2 
CK White Sanding Sugar
Hint: A smidge of Ivory on a toothpick tints Cream.

Outline cookie with # 2 tip in cream icing.

Flood cookie in cream icing. Let sit 30 minutes.

Pipe plus sign and X sign with #2 tip in blue icing.

 Pipe detail on plus sign with #2 tip in blue icing.

Pipe detail on X sign with #2 tip in blue icing.

Pipe dots with #2 tip in blue icing.

Sprinkle white sanding sugar on some cookies. Leave others plain.





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