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I’m proud to be an American.  That may sound corny but it’s true.  I’m proud of our ancestors who had the courage to leave their homeland, travel for many days on a ship across the ocean in pursuit of a better life.  I’m proud of our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers who fought to protect our liberty.  I’m proud of the men and women who serve today.  Because of all of them, we have a good life.

Barack Obama, our 44th President, will be inaugurated for a second term tomorrow.  For those who reside in the Washington DC Metro area, the Inauguration is our Super Bowl.  A majority of Washingtonians follow politics closely and many admit to being political geeks.  Whether Republican, Democrat or Independent we are united and optimistic about the future of our country.

For weeks, downtown DC has been a flurry of activity to prepare for the festivities.  Bunting has been hung at the Capitol, the grandstand has been built for the parade and thousands of American citizens are flocking into the City of Washington.  Every four years Inauguration Day is a holiday for those who work in downtown DC.  This year it coincides with the Martin Luther King holiday.  That will not occur again until 2069.  Yes, you read that correctly, 56 years from now.

The Constitution says that the President must be sworn in on Jan 20 th at 12:00 noon.  So the official oath of office was administered earlier today by Chief Justice John Roberts.  President Obama will take the oath again on Jan 21st.  That will be the fourth time President Obama has been sworn in as President of the United States.  That’s a record!  Four years ago, Chief Justice Roberts misread the oath so the next day the oath had to be re-administered. Who was the two-term President sworn in four times?  That will likely be a Trivial Pursuit question.

So now you see why I felt compelled to bake patriotic cookies today.  These are very easy to make and fit the occasion.

Star Cookies
Star Shortbread Cookies
Royal Icing untinted for outlining 
Royal Icing untinted for flooding 
Disposable piping bag & couplers
Squeeze bottle 
Wilton Decorating Tip #2
CK Sanding Sugar in Red, White & Blue
Hint.  No tint needed for royal icing since covering with sanding sugar.

Outline cookie with # 2 tip in untinted icing.

Flood cookie in untinted icing.

 Sprinkle with red, white and blue sanding sugar.  Gently shake off excess. Let dry overnight.


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